Special Needs Patients

Children with special health care needs are more likely to receive appropriate preventative and routine care if they have a dental home. Having a relationship with a board certified pediatric dentist can provide an opportunity to implement an individualized preventative oral health practice, and therefore reduce your child’s risk of dental and oral diseases.

Before your first appointment

When scheduling your first appointment please alert the front desk staff of any behavioral conditions that your child may have. A longer appointment time or a quiet room may be ideal for many children with advanced behavioral or medical concerns. Please alert our staff if there are any underlying heart conditions that may require premedication before a dental cleaning is performed. If your child has an object or movie that calms them down please feel free to bring that item.

The majority of your initial visit will be about educating you and your child about proper oral hygiene practices. We will learn more about your child’s cognitive ability and develop a plan for at home and in office care. For safety we will review any necessary restraint techniques with parents before attempted. A mouth prop may be used if your child is prone to biting or spitting. Larger children may remain in their wheelchairs.

Advanced dental treatment needs

If your child has advanced levels of plaque or tartar build up your child may need to come back for a second cleaning appointment under oral sedation. Those children with advanced medical or behavioral conditions or advanced dental treatment needs may require treatment while sleeping under General Anesthesia.


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