Emergency Dentist (Children)

What is a Dental Emergency?

  • Injuries that cause a tooth to become loose or get knocked ou
  • Spontaneous pain that is that is now associated with chewing
  • Pain that lasts several hours
  • Pain, waking your child up at night
  • Swelling of the face

When to call the Lifetime Dental Care emergency line?

Most dental emergencies can wait until normal business hours. If you are a patient of record and
experiencing pain, swelling, abscess, injury or extensive discomfort after a dental procedure,
please call our emergency line at (877) 900-8991. We may be able to collect data over the phone
that may help you provide home care for your dental emergency or be able to phone in a prescription,
such as an antibiotic, that may provide overnight relief. Please call our emergency line at
(877) 900-8991 to get in touch with our emergency doctor on call.

When to call the Emergency room?

Although most dental problems can be resolved during normal business hours there are some
circumstances that may warrant immediate attention or even a visit to the emergency room. Examples of

  • Head injury that involves extensive facial lacerations
  • Head injury that results in fatigue, vomiting, dizziness or loss of consciousness
  • Excessive bleeding that cannot be stopped after pressure application
  • Facial swelling that extends to the eye or past the jaw line
  • A full rooted tooth that becomes knocked out after injury


As an emergency dental facility, we specialize in treating toothaches, severe
oral pain, and other dental emergencies.

We welcome the following:

  • Dental emergency walk-ins
  • New dental patient walk-ins
  • Last minute appointments
  • Same day dental appointments
  • Next day dental appointments

We provide emergency dental services to the following communities:

  • Woodbridge

Here are some of the most common dental emergencies requiring
immediate treatment:

A Broken Tooth Due to Large or Repeated Fillings:

Sometimes a tooth will break as the result of large or repeated
fillings. The reason for this is that replacing large and successive fillings
removing portions of a tooth to such a degree that the tooth may break or
a filling may fall out.

Acute Pulpitis Resulting in a Severe Toothache:

Acute pulpitis is an inflammation of the pulp within a tooth,
a condition brought on by tooth decay or trauma. Immediate dental care
is necessary to alleviate pain if there is a change in air temperature.

Tooth Abscess:

In this case, infection of the root of a tooth can cause intermittent
pain. Often, the tooth has a history of on again/off again pain. In
addition to pain, symptoms include swelling of the gum line, swelling of
the patient’s face, and in some cases, a loose tooth. Medication may
temporarily reduce the pain; however, dental treatment will be

Gum Abscess:

With this type of abscess, food caught between the tooth and the gum
can cause the gums to become infected. As a result, symptoms include swollen
gums and bleeding.


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