Dental Cleaning and Consultation (Children)

A healthy mouth is an important part of overall wellness. Keeping
your child’s teeth white and clean requires a regular routine of cleaning both
at home and via a professional dental care provider. During your child’s next
dental cleaning and consultation visit, you can expect an examination of
the health of his or her teeth, gums, and the soft tissues in the mouth, as
well as a thorough cleaning.


The manner in which your child cleans his or her teeth determines
their preservation and protection from decay and other oral health
conditions. At home, every surface of their teeth, gums, and tongue should be brushed
with fluoridated toothpaste at least twice daily. It is also important
to floss once per day to loosen plaque and debris that becomes lodged in
the crevices of the teeth.

You should make an appointment for a
professional dental cleaning for your child once every six months. At that time, a
hygienist will inspect the gums for periodontal disease, which is the
primary cause of tooth loss in America. The hygienist will then use a
tool to gently scrape away hardened plaque on the teeth that is not
removable using traditional brushing techniques. This plaque is
responsible for harboring bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Regular
professional cleanings also help remove topical stains from beverages
like coffee and tea. Furthermore, the small cost of preventative care
tends to save patients money on future dental restoration and treatment


Your child’s dental cleaning may be followed up with a brief consultation
from your dentist. Depending on how much time has passed since your
child’s last
dental visit, your dentist may request X-rays of their teeth and jaw to
detect underlying conditions. The dentist may review X-rays and the
surfaces of the teeth for caries, decay, and possible complications. If
problems are found, he or she will discuss the options for treatment, as
well as ways you may be able to prevent additional problems in the


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